The Bill

James Madison Memorial Commission Act

To establish the James Madison Memorial Commission to develop a plan of action for the establishment and maintenance of a James Madison memorial in Washington, DC, and for other purposes.


James Madison was perhaps the wisest of the Founding Fathers of the United States. As an author of its Constitution, The Federalist Papers and the Bill of Rights, he provided both the intellectual framework and rigorous analysis that were essential ingredients to organizing the nation’s government. March 4, 2009 marks the beginning of the bi-centennial of his eight years of service as the fourth President of the United States. To commemorate this auspicious period, Americans for Madison has been organized by Hadley Nagel to lead an initiative to celebrate his key role in our nation’s formation and refresh the Public’s recollection of his insightful thinking. Much like his own belief in the ability of the individual to change society, through the enhanced strength and power that comes from organizing a collective effort it is hoped that our bi-centennial effort will empower and further his time-tested ideas to serve the nation as it continues to face the challenges Madison initially contemplated as we grapple with developing yet another two hundred years of American history.

As an American for Madison there are things you can do through this Web site in support of the memory of James Madison and in celebration of the bi-centennial of his Presidency:

(1)  Write all your National Legislators in Washington and ask them to join in the Bicentennial celebration of James Madison and support legislation to create a new James Madison Memorial.

Americans for Madison: Send a Letter to Congress

(2)  Find and read the very words of James Madison and contemplate their meaning for the future of the U.S.

(3)  Attend an event or exhibit that celebrates or discusses the thinking of James Madison.

(4)  Make an effort to discuss with someone James Madison and his life and/or thinking.

(5)  Identify at least one idea of James Madison that you find personally appealing.

(6)   Offer an educational institution assistance in engaging a Constitution Day Speaker or Section 111 Compliant Program through Americans for Madison.

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